You’re Being Ridiculous By C.E.A Forster – A Review

Now I’m not fussy about where a good book comes from. I buy some full price, I buy some secondhand, I borrow some from the library, I’m lucky enough to have publishers send me books and occasionally I have authors approach me directly.

Now I will hold my hands up say that the experience I’ve had with direct requests from authors so far have meant me usually refusing books based in outer space about killer unicorns…..I don’t know what it is but I seem to get approached about books that are so far outside of my reading tastes that I can’t even attempt to help out. (Disclaimer: I’m sure there are loads of folk out there who are bang into killer unicorns from outer space, it’s just not my bag).

So….where am I going with this? Well, I was approached directly by the author of this book and asked whether I would read her book in exchange for an honest review. I did some brief research and saw that one of my trusted Twitter pals had also read, enjoyed and reviewed the book so I thought why the devil not?

This book details the authors experiences with being a foster carer. A single Forster carer at that. Now there are a lot of mummy diary-esque books out on the market doing terrifically well. It’s a genre in itself and you have to have that special edge to be recognised (In my humble opinion). Well this lady has the added slant of not being someone’s biological Mum but being the sole carer of multiple children who aren’t hers. Children who have come from difficult backgrounds and landed feet first into her calm single life. A choice she has made for herself and has thrown herself wholeheartedly into.

The first children in her care are Neil and Owen. Two spirited brothers who cause mayhem and havoc. They are very much a baptism of fire, leaving the author wondering what on earth she has got herself into. I absolutely adored these boys and with the book opening with a very amusing exchange on a trampoline I was drawn in immediately.

The author goes on to tell us stories of the various scrapes and predicaments these children get themselves, and her into. The humiliation and shame when faced with rambunctious children in public.

There are some really very funny stories that had me chuckling to myself on the bus. Stories full of heart and emotion but by no means a pity party for these children who have had difficult lives. In fact the author is very careful to say that she doesn’t want to get too bogged down with the details of why of the children come to be in her care, it kind of goes without saying that these children are vulnerable and you take that thought with you as a reader throughout the entire book.

The author is very candid and honest about her feelings towards these children and the choices she has made. She has a very engaging voice and it really feels as though you’re having a chat with a friend.

She has a razor sharp wit but with bags of humility. This book is touching, thoughtful and utterly engaging.

I would heartily recommend it.

See you soon

Bookish Chat. Xxx


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