Why Mummy Swears By Gill Sims – A Review

Publisher: HarperCollins

Publication Date: 12th July 2018

This book arrived at just the right time. Picture the scene….a sweaty, disgruntled 12 year old boy, one foot out of the door, ready to hop on his bike and disappear into the great outdoors. Me, equally as sweaty and disgruntled as I try to cajole, coerce, tempt and bribe him into doing just. A. Tiny. Bit. Of. Revision. Pleeeeeease. Me: ‘Shall I stick these revision notes on your bedroom wall for you?’…..Him: ‘yeah and if you could just stick some in the bin that’d be great’…….in the words of Ellen, the mummy in the book….FFS!!!!!

I was pretty chuffed to find that the children in this book were of similar ages to my own two precious darlings. I have a 12 year old boy (you’ve met him) and a 9 year old girl. The two children in this book are 9 and 11 and although the sexes are reversed the general behavioural shizz is the same.

I could identify with so much of what was said in this book. The bickering, the constant pleas for an Instagram account because ‘everyone else has got one’, the general day to day trials and tribulations of trying your hardest to ensure you hold down a job, whilst simultaneously keeping your children happy and more importantly alive!

This book is ram jam packed with humour and heart. Even if your children are younger/older there are moments in this book you will surely be able to identify with. Even if you don’t have kids yourself this book is such an enjoyable read.

We meet Ellen, the mother of two children Jane and Peter and her husband Simon.  We follow their day to day lives and the various incidents sent to try Ellen.  Difficult PTA meetings, childcare issues, family drama’s and marital strife but all with a healthy dollop of grim humour.  Ellen tries to get herself out of tricky situations but ends up digging herself a deeper hole, and can’t we all identify with that at some point!?

I believe the author Gill Simms started off with a blog and has a first novel called Why Mummy Drinks which was a huge success.  I think I need to get my hands on it….. right after I’ve persuaded the boychild to do some revision that is…….

If you want a lighthearted read chock full of laughs then this is the book for you.  A great summer holiday read.

Thanks to Rosie Margesson and Harper Collins for the review copy.

See you soon.

Bookish Chat xxx

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