NB Magazine Book Bloggers Choice Awards

I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to announce that I am one of the six book bloggers who have been shortlisted for the NB Magazine Book Bloggers Choice Awards.

This opportunity arose a few weeks ago and when NB Magazine invited bloggers to champion their favourite book published in 2019. For me there was only one choice of book, most of you will know before I even mention the name of it……

That’s correct! The wonderful Things In Jars by the equally wonderful Jess Kidd.

I spent a huge amount of time WANGING on about this book over on Twitter and Instagram and I reviewed it here. I think this is the book that most people associate with me and I just had to jump at the chance to wax lyrical about it again!

I quite often take this book down from my Forever Shelf and re-read the most perfect prologue I think I’ve ever read. Even the first line gives me shivers.

Pale as a grave grub she’s an eyeful’……….

I just LOVE It!

Jess Kidd is the kind of writer who just amazes me.  She crafts such wonderful stories that are dripping in atmosphere with such vibrant characters that stay with you long after you’ve closed the book.

My fellow shortlisted bloggers are:

The Lonesome Reader, Roachies Reviews, Kelly Loves Books, The Caffeinated Reader and Mrs Cookes Books.

They have all chosen some fantastic books too so you might want to check them out! 


I would absolutely love it if you would consider voting for me and my choice of Things In Jars by Jess Kidd, published by Canongate.  

You all know the love I have for this book and I would really appreciate the support.

If you would like to vote for me please click the link below and I will love you long time!:

Vote for #TeamJars

Thank you as ever for your continued support.

Love you!

Amanda – Bookish Chat xx



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