Bookish Chat About: Bathtime Reading in 2019

I have a plan.

A 2019 bathtime reading plan.

We all have one right?


No? Just me then.  Hear me out….

I have recently developed a liking for short story collections. This has not always been the case but I have found that being involved in a couple of short story collection blog tours has piqued my interest.  I recently wrote a blog post about the short story collections I have acquired, which you can check out here, and they all now have their little section on my bookshelf.

The problem is this, I am always currently reading at least 2 novels at any one time and this makes it difficult to reach for a short story when spare time to read is sparse as it is.

My plan, going forward into 2019 is to only read short stories in the bath.


I have a bath more or less every day (I shower on the non-bath days so there’s no need to panic that I’m a Smelly Nelly!).  I figure that if I limit bathtime reading to short stories I will then be giving the short stories and their authors the dedicated time they derserve.

Brace yourselves some Einsteinian mathematics.

I currently have in my possession 12 short story collections. There are 5 more collections that I omitted from my original short story post and these are:

Josh Denslow – Not Everyone Is Special


They have in total 163 stories within them that I haven’t yet read. If we allocate 1 short story per bath as a minimum, it should take me 23 and a bit weeks to read them all.

This however doesn’t take into account any new collections I may acquire…..and I have my beady eye on THESE BEAUTIES:

Treats by Lara Williams – Freight


A Selfie As Big As The Ritz by Lara Williams – Flatiron

So I think I will have to check in with you lot after say 3 months to see how I’m getting on.

Sounds like a plan to me kids!

I’ve been trying to think of a snappy title for this venture but the best I can come up with is A Scrub And A Short Story…………..nah.

See you all soon.

Bookish Chat xxx

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