Bookish Chat About: My Blogging Blunders

‘To Err is human….’

Or so they say, right?

A little impromptu bonus blog post for you today which I’m going to look on as a kind of therapy for myself.  You lot are my counsellors, my confidants, my listening ears.

Forgive me bookish pals for I have sinned.

Well not so much ‘sinned’ as ‘ballsed up’. I mean we’re not talking big, swinging, hairy balls, we’re talking….well……just…normal sized balls I suppose.

But the point is, recently I have effed up a couple of times.  Nobody will be in the slightest bit bothered, they probably haven’t even noticed. We all make mistakes, BUT even so, I crriiiiiiiiinge inside when I think about them!

I pride myself on being RIGHT.  I check my posts for spelling and grammar errors as best I can, I check my tweets for the same, nobody wants to look like a berk.  Occasionally however, little things slip through and it irks me!

Up first we have The Great Mis-tag Mistake.  Yes, I tagged THE WRONG AUTHOR in my tweet about a book that a publisher recently sent to me.  It took someone to politely say ‘ermmmmm isn’t that the wrong author?’ before I even realised.  A quick delete and re-try was swiftly executed but I was inwardly cringing my nut off. Did the world end? No. But still! In my defence, their names were VERY similar….

Next up we have The Do Your Own Research Debacle. I watched a booktube video in which the channel host was talking about a book which I thought sounded right up my street. They handily said who it was published by and so off I tottered to approach said publisher to see if I could get my hands on a proof…….Now I asked very politely…….I was very respectful, I was very enthusiastic….however, and here’s the kicker….


Yes, I’d made the mistake of taking what the booktuber said as gospel.  If there is one lesson we can all take away from this it’s DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! (ie don’t be lazy and gullible like little old me). Luckily the publisher was lovely but I wanted to go to bed and hide for a few days (weeks).

And today we have The ‘Dude Where’s Your Blog Post?’ Blunder.  On going to copy across my recent blog review to Goodreads, I realised that the last draft of the post had not updated properly and the post had been published with the final few paragraphs missing……no ‘thank you’ to the publisher, no sign off from me…..just a very abrupt ending!

This review had been up for over 24 hours…….PART FINISHED.

I know that these things don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but at the time they mattered to me.  But I’m not going to beat myself up about it and I can’t afford the air fare for a one way ticket to a remote island where I can cringe inwardly in peace, so…….

Do any of you want to stick your head above the parapet with me and confess to your blogging sins?

Come on…..don’t leave me hanging here like a complete and utter whelk……

See you soon, (when hopefully I’ll have my shit together)

Amanda – Bookish Chat xx


10 thoughts on “Bookish Chat About: My Blogging Blunders

  1. Ha! We’ve all been there! I recently tagged a publisher on Instagram, only to have them kindly comment that they were not actually a publisher, but merely a company with the same name. D’oh!


  2. I feel like all us bloggers make this kind of mistakes. It makes us human, I suppose. Besides, it’s so hard to do online research about a book or an author just because there is so much information out there. You can’t be right all the time, but if those are your biggest blogging mistakes, I’d say you’re doing pretty good.

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