The Silent Patient By Alex Michaelides – A Review

Publisher: Orion

Publication Date: 7th February 2019

The Silent Patient tells the story of Alicia Berenson, artist extraordinaire who is incarcerated in a psychiatric institute for the murder of her husband Gabriel, after which she falls silent and chooses not to speak.

Enter psychotherapist Theo Faber, who has an interest in Alicia and her story and is determined to find out what happened, why she killed her husband and why she now chooses to remain silent, not uttering a single word. Theo himself is a damaged individual who lived through a difficult childhood and he believes he is the person to connect with Alicia and help her.

Man has this book had a right old high profile publicity campaign before its release!

I’d seen so many amazing reviews, chats and discussions surrounding this book that my juices were already flowing before I picked it up. It certainly is a very accomplished thriller. Books which get hyped in advance tend to put me off reading them. I’m glad I picked this one up because it did keep me turning the pages to find out what the actual eff was going on! Whether it is deserving of the phenomenal praise it’s been getting I’ll have to be a little controversial and say for me, probably not.

I can however say this most assuredly, the twist when it came, very close to the end was quite a surprise to me! I thought I had a handle on what had happened about two thirds of the way through and boy am I glad it didn’t turn out how I’d thought because it would have made for a dull ending! I clearly have no imagination guys!

This book has been a difficult one for me to review as on the one hand I raced through it, desperate to find out what had happened. In the final few chapters my heart was racing! However, it felt slightly flawed in places and I found myself having to suspend disbelief.

The story is told from Theo’s perspective interspersed with extracts from Alicia’s diary. The diary entries were perhaps the most flawed for me. Some of the things which were written and the timing of the things written didn’t ring true with reality. I have a perfect example of this but can’t tell you as it would give a plot point away!

I think my opinion may be in the minority and this is by no means a negative review at all. As I said, I raced through it, I have people in mind that I would recommend it to and I am excited for more of Alex Michaelides writing.

For me it was just maybe a little ‘too’ hyped up and didn’t quite live up to what was promised.

Still a solid thriller which I am sure lots of people will continue to enjoy and rave about.

Thank you as always to the publisher for my proof copy.

See you all soon.

Bookish Chat. Xxx

5 thoughts on “The Silent Patient By Alex Michaelides – A Review

  1. Same here. I liked the read but felt a number of the things,especially with Theo, just weren’t believable. It’s gonna be hard when something gets such a big build up. My personal opinion good, but not great. But like you said loads of people loved it and I’m glad. 👍


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