My Book Moment Subscription Box – Crime Fiction

Who doesn’t love coming home to a pretty parcel I ask ya!?

When I was asked by the lovely Lara Marshall over on Twitter whether I would like a gifted subscription box from the new book subscription service My Book Moment, I said gimme the deets!

Lara told me she had been tasked with picking the crime fiction book choice (there is also popular fiction to choose from) and together with the book, there would be a few little added treats in the box. I said YES PLEASE!

It arrived in a box that fitted easily through the letterbox which is a huge plus point. Who wants to come home to an annoying Royal Mail delivery card on their door mat?? Proper infuriating!

Inside there is a beautiful tissue wrapped package of loveliness. So what do you actually get?

Well I’ll tell you!….

First up we have the most important part of a book subscription box, the actual BOOK.

This months choice is You Let Me In by Lucy Clarke.

Fortunately I’ve not read this book but it really does sound amazing and I love Lucy Clarke’s writing.

I’m going to include the blurb so that you can get a feel for the book even though I’m not a huge blurb includererer (definitely a word).


Nothing has felt right since Elle rented out her house . . .


There’s a new coldness. A shift in the atmosphere. The prickling feeling that someone is watching her every move from the shadows.


Maybe it’s all in Elle’s mind? She’s a writer – her imagination, after all, is her strength. And yet every threat seems personal. As if someone has discovered the secrets that keep her awake at night.


As fear and paranoia close in, Elle’s own home becomes a prison. Someone is unlocking her past – and she’s given them the key…

How amazing does that sound?! Creepy AF!

I was so pleased with the choice of book and that’s the most important part right? BUT my second love in life after books is CHOCOLATE.

The box contained a delicious looking bar of Divine white chocolate with strawberries. Strawberries?! They are one of your five a day! Positively a health food! I can confirm at the time of writing this post, I have only 4 squares of the chocolate left (and they BETTER STILL BE THERE when I get home).

There were also two Clipper teabags, one Peppermint and one Wild Berry. Books and tea go hand in hand for me as I believe they do for a lot of people and I love trying new flavours.

Last but certainly not least was a Phase Zero liquid lipstick in a shade called Chai Latte. I’m not a huge makeup kinda gal and you won’t be seeing any beauty blogging anytime soon but I do like me a lipgloss, especially in a shade I wouldn’t necessarily have picked up myself.

So there we have it!

I was pretty chuffed with my gifted box and I’m excited to tuck into the book and the (rest of) the chocolate whilst sipping my tea and modelling my lipstick.

If you’re interested in purchasing a box then all the details can be found over on the My Book Moment website. Go check it out!

I’m going to be ordering next months for sure!

Thank you again to Lara and the lovely folk at My Book Moment.

See you all soon.

Amanda – Bookish Chat xxx

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