Bookish Chat About: 2019 Blogging Plans

Every blogger and his wife is doing a 2019 blogging goals post so feel free to roll your eyes, tut and give this post a miss.

But please don’t.

Love you.

I just thought I’d give you a quick run down of some lil blogging goals I’ve set for my bad self over the coming year. When I say ‘set’ I mean loosely had a very vague idea that I would like to loosely and vaguely do these things in a loose and vague way. I’m not about the pressures and constricting rules guys!

It’s just nice to have an idea of what you’d like to achieve and then you can check back in a year, cry mournfully and berate yourself for having failed EVERY SINGLE ONE.


So let’s kick off with a few basics:

In 2019 I would like to……

    Post at least twice a week. I have no set posting schedule at the moment but seem to have loosely fallen into posting on Thursdays and weekends. (Blog tours are an exception of course). I’d like to try and stick to the Thursday but if I don’t it’s no biggy! But guess what, today is Thursday and this post is going live. I am SMASHING these goals already!
  • Keep up with my short story in the bath project. (Still not come up with a snappy title for that!) also I forgot to do it on New Years Day so I’m already a big fat failure. Hi!
  • Rustle up content that isn’t a book review every once in a while. Whilst I’m not a huge numbers gal it doesn’t take Columbo and grubby raincoat to deduce that bookish content does better in the old ‘views’ stakes than your common or garden review. Imma be all about ringing the changes in 2019 people. Mixing it right up. (Having said that my next post will be a review so……suck it up).
  • Be a bit fast and loose with my lovin. Purely of the blog kind I might hasten to add. I feel the need to go forth and share the love with some comments and retweets. It’s nice to engage and it’s nice to be nice. Simple innit?
  • Only read 2 books at any one time. Last year I was all ‘Charlie Big Potatoes’ about the fact that I could read more than one book at a time. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! But also……not so much. I can comfortably handle two at a time (steady) and no more. Also I prefer them to be vastly different time periods so that I can make easy distinctions. So, one contemporary and one historical only please! If you see me deviating, call me out on it.
  • Give some love to the books I already own which have been languishing on my shelves for many a year. It’s not fair on those little guys to be overshadowed by those brand spanking sparkly new proofs. I have some crackin ideas for showcasing some of the books I own here on the blog. I say ‘crackin’, they might be complete tosh but humour me….
  • Be choosy. And by this I mean not saying yes to books I don’t want to read, blog tours I don’t want to be involved in or instagram projects I have no interest in. Harsh but fair.
  • DNF books I’m not diggin far earlier. In fact just DNF’ing books anyway would be a huge start. I DNF’d 3 books last year, in the latter months and I feel liberated! I could DNF all over the parish now!
  • Say no more about my thoughts on negative reviews. I’ve talked the subject TO DEATH! Here is my stance I shall say it only ONCE MORE: I simply do not have the time to sit down and write full on negative reviews. I barely have time to write about the books I’ve enjoyed or loved. If a book appears on my blog then readers can take it as read (ironically) that I’ve enjoyed it. In that they can trust. There’s no writing a glowing review for the sake of it but by the same token if a book had negative points but I still enjoyed it then I will of course highlight then. I’m not duping anyone. I’d like to spend my time telling people about books they might love too. Not dissing ones I don’t. It’s my blog and I’ll blog how I want to. Namaste and all that. You do you.
  • Stop pretending I use notebooks for actual notes and not just pretty instagram pictures. I bow down to those of you who actually WRITE THINGS in your gorgeous stationery. I’m missing a gene or something. Those notebooks in that picture up there were blank. I know, shameful. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…….(that’s a Wizard Of Oz reference. There’s not really a man behind my curtain. I hope not anyway…..I’ve scared myself now!).

After that bombshell confession. I’m off.

Love you.

Here’s to 2019 you lovely bunch of bookish beasts.

See you soon

Bookish Chat xxx

8 thoughts on “Bookish Chat About: 2019 Blogging Plans


    This is so me. Something something goals? *runs* *accomplishes nothing*

    Also, I actually write in my notebooks. It’s why I don’t get pretty ones. They all look like they’ve been chewed up and spit out in a matter of days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Notebooks need to be un-pretty. Notebooks take it all, those half pages of un-utterable crud after you’ve just sat down. The three sentences scribbled on the train while attracting damning and pitying microglances, when paper is the only medium rapid enough to catch that slippery phrase.
      Ugly notebooks bogged off from the stationary shelf at work.
      …. Now you’re talking.


      1. This made me chuckle! Iโ€™m strictly a put everything into my phone kinda gal! I just like LOOKING at lovely notebooks!


  2. I’m also on a mission to go out and find more people from the book blogging community! Especially with commenting more often. I’ve been loving interacting with other people’s content and reading everything they’re getting up to. Great post!


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