2018 Was The Year That I……

  • Read 140 books.


  • DNF’d 3 books (The Cactus, The Binding and The Northern Clemency).


  • Attended my first publisher events and thoroughly enjoyed them.  (Vintage and Orion).





  • Took part in my first blog tour (and there have been lots more since!)


  • Gained lots of confidence and found my feet in the book blogging world.


  • Had some crackin’ bookish conversations with some marvellously bookish people.
  • Visited the lovely historic city of Bath and the amazingly marvellous and beautiful Toppings and Mr B’s Emporium.

  • Signed up for my first book subscription service with Mr B’s Emporium.


  • Discovered some amazing books and shared my love of them* everywhere. (*ie wanged on about them)




  • Was asked to be a shadow judge on the blogger panel for The Sunday Times/Peters Fraser + Dunlop Young Writer Of The Year Award.


  •  Met some great authors and had the privilege of hearing them talk about their books or read passages from them.



  • Visited some of the most iconic bookshops in London.


  • Discovered you lot REALLY DON’T LIKE IT when I fold the pages of my book over….




  • Got a name check in The Sunday Times………BOOM! *mic drop*



Here’s to 2019! Thank you to every single one of you who has retweeted, commented, taken a book recommendation, taken the time to chat to me and check out my reviews and blog posts.

Love you long time.


See you in 2019!


Bookish Chat xxx

17 thoughts on “2018 Was The Year That I……

  1. 140 books?! Wow, well done! Sounds like you had a great 2018, hopefully 2019 will be just as amazing. Happy New Year!


  2. Ah, loved this post!
    You did some really cool things! ❤
    That bookshop boat thing looks awesome. I've never been there, but maybe next year i should finally check it out. 😀


  3. Oooh whatta year. I am particularly envious of the Vintage event you went to. Love their books. Love their covers. They are one of the few publishers that I pretty much can buy without even looking at the summary.


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