Bookshop – A Poem By Me

Pick me! Pick me! she heard them cry as she walked in through the door
A short walk up a flight of stairs to fiction, second floor.

Their voices seemed much louder here, unique in their own way
But she had to make a hurried choice, she hadn’t got all day.

Pick me! said the clothbound classic, I’m old and wise and strong
Her hand hovered nervously over the shelf, she couldn’t get it wrong

Pick me! cried the gripping thriller, I’m fresh and new, compelling!
But would this choice be a wise one? There was no way of telling….

What about me?! Shrieked the latest horror, midst a wave of bloodcurdling screams
Maybe she will, maybe she won’t, is it worth all the terrible dreams?…

You need a laugh! Called the latest rom-com, and I’m just the gal to do it
But her mood didn’t fit with the mushy stuff and unfortunately rom-com knew it

Up stepped naked hardback, all bold, stripped back and bare
She had to admit he was handsome, but she really mustn’t stare….

Amongst these myriad voices, there was one with perfect diction
Thou should choosest me my dear, your beloved historical fiction

And just like that a deal was struck, she would whisk this one away
The others? well, they could just pipe down, she’d be back another day.

Bookishchat xxx

*The beaut bookshops in this post are Toppings in Bath and Mr B’s Emporium also in Bath.

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