I’d Rather Be Reading – A Poem by Me

The alarm goes off, it’s time for work
You’re really not a one to shirk…
Do you really need to earn those wages?
When all you want is a few more pages….

The bus to work is the perfect time
For quiet reading, just sublime!
That is of course if you can concentrate
Whilst foghorn Frank yells to his mate

Lunctime rolls around, you deserve a break
And all you want for goodness sake
Is to read a few pages, what’s wrong with that?
But your annoying colleague fancies a chat….

A nice sit down and a cup of tea
Now’s your chance, rub your hands with glee
A short story or two, that’s your goal
But what’s happening on Twitter?..perhaps a quick scroll?…

Sinking into bubbles, a lovely hot bath
With who will you share it? Maybe Attword or Plath?
No such luck, who’s this coming in?
It’s a child with a question.  You give up, pass the gin!

Snuggle under the duvet, settle down and chill out
You’ll finish this book, of that you’ve no doubt
But your eyelids are heavy, the words make no sense
You’ll try again tomorrow, let battle commence!

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