Naomi’s Room By Jonathan Aycliffe – A Review

It’s just turned 1am and I have just closed this book.

Oh to the em to the gee! What have I just read!?!?

This is hands down the creepiest most horrifying book I’ve ever read in my life! When I saw it being mentioned on Twitter a few days ago as being a scary book, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I loaned it from the library and took it away on holiday to Scotland with me but was too scared to read it in a cottage that dated back to the 1800’s, so I brought it home again unread. Man am I glad I didn’t start reading it in the cottage!

I like to think I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to scary shizzle. I love being scared by a good horror film, particularly if there’s a paranormal element and books are just the same. But THIS book is just something else entirely!

Charles and Laura’s 4 year old daughter Naomi gets abducted from a toy shop on Christmas Eve and subsequently turns up dead in an alleyway having been horrifically mutilated. Charles and Laura obviously struggle to come to terms with their daughters death and as a veil of grief settles on their house, strange occurrences start to happen.

Screams in the night, noises coming from the attic above them and when a journalist photographer shows up with some very disturbing photos he’s taken of the house showing faces at windows and two Victorian children playing in the garden, Charles and Laura have to face up to the fact that there is something very sinister at play in their house.

There are certain themes and events that tickle my horror pickle and strange photographs is one of them. Along with Victorian creepy kids *tick*, ghostly apparitions *big tick*, whispered voices *big fat tick* and creepy goings on in an attic space *ding ding ding jackpot*.

Something is coming down the stairs. It is very slow, and I think it stops and listens every step or so. If I hold my breath and wait, I can almost hear it breathing. Please God, help me get through this, help me get through tonight at least……..

The first two thirds of this story are so insidiously creepy that I was expecting at any moment to be disappointed by an obvious over explaining of the goings on, (I hate that!) or just something so far fetched happening that it broke the spell. Well dear reader, the disappointment never came and my heart continued to pound out of my chest! I even had to have a cheeky little glass of rum to steady my nerves. (Medicinal, honest guv).

There is a strong element of mystery solving in this story, which I love. Anything that involves searching archives in a library to uncover secrets about a particular house or family and I’m there!

It’s the final third that takes this story from being a traditional ghost story (albeit a bloody amazing one!) into something so twisted and macabre that my mind was blown!

I read this in one terrified sitting and even had to come downstairs and be around people as I read it, no way was I staying up in the bedroom on my own! Not a chance mate!

Still…….I have to now go up to bed……….time for one more rum maybe……?

See you soon……I hope……

Bookish Chat xxx

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