Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough – A Review

Published by: HarperCollins

Publication Date: 17th May 2018

Oh man I am going to find it so incredibly difficult to review this book beyond ‘Read it! Right now!’. But of course I’ll try to put together some coherent thoughts and feelings like the true profesh book blogger that I am.

You see, the problem with this type of book is that it is mighty hard to not let any plot points slip and I am NOT about the spoilers people. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So what can I tell you good people without ruining your enjoyment of this book once you’ve got your hands on it (and you will get your hands on it so help me god). Well….the story is told from the perspective of 3 women. Lisa, her daughter Ava and her best friend and work colleague Marilyn. Right from the off we are aware that Lisa is a very protective mother, she smothers Ava and seems to live in a heightened state of anxiety surrounding her daughters safety and well-being. Ava is a typical teenager, living through the usual trials and tribulations of teenage life. Friendships, boys, school work, home life and trying to gain some independence from her mother.

When small events that cannot be explained start to occur, Lisa becomes worried. We as readers know that there is something or someone in her past she is trying to free herself from and that she feels is drawing closer to her.

From here, events start to unwind and Lisa and Ava’s lives start to unravel.

This book hooked me in right from the outset. There isn’t a single negative I can think of. Characters, plot lines and plot twists, pacing, all perfect. I felt as if I was racing effortlessly through this story, eager to discover just what the actual hell was occurring!

A story that grabs you and drags you along, snappy chapters told by alternate characters, some of which leave your jaw on the floor.

Pinborough’s writing is superb (as was the case with Behind Her Eyes) intricate but not overly convoluted plot lines make for a cracking reading experience. I’m trying to think whether I guessed any of the plot twists but……..nope I didn’t! Columbo I ain’t! When the secrets are revealed of course you can go back over everything and pick it apart and work it out for yourself but nothing is ‘staring you in the face’ obvious and I love that. I love being hoodwinked!

If you fancy a heart in your mouth thriller then you need Cross Her Heart in your life. I can thoroughly recommend it.

As always big thanks to HarperCollins for the advanced review copy of this book.

See you soon.

Bookish Chat. Xxx

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