The Tryst By Monique Roffey – A Review

Now I’m no prude and I’m not averse to a little filth every now and again so when I saw The Tryst on booktube I thought ‘oh go on then!’

I’ve done the Fifty Shades palaver in my naive youth (I watched 5 minutes of the film and had to bail out, utter tripe). After a while, books which are heavily sex based can get a bit……samey for want of a better word. When you find yourself rolling your eyes and thinking ‘again? Really?’… may be time to move on to a different book. When you skim read whole chunks of a racy book to get back to trying to find an ACTUAL storyline then you know for sure it’s time to haul ass (so to speak).

So……The Tryst is utterly bonkers brilliance. I knew going into it that it was about a married couple who are bored with their relationship and sex life and so bring in a woman they meet in a bar to pep it up.

If I’d have known the full details of the true nature of this woman before I’d started I know for a fact I wouldn’t have picked it up.

Bill and Jane are the couple and Lilah is the mysterious third wheel. Jane doesn’t have much of a sex life with Bill, she lives vicariously through the fantasies of faceless men in her head. When they meet Lilah in a bar one night and she sees how alive and flirtatious Bill has become around her she sees Lilah as either a potential catalyst for their love life or a reason for them to end their relationship. Jane engineers a liaison between Bill and Lilah and what ensues leaves her regretting her decision massively.

This book is of course extremely sexually explicit. The sex is detailed and plentiful. However (believe it or not) I was more interested in the evolution of the characters and their individual back story’s.

I really don’t want to say too much about who (or what) Lilah is, and that’s probably saying too much already, but she really is a fascinating character. As I said earlier this book is bonkers. At times it left me like ‘whaaaaattt?!?!?’ But I devoured it in less than 24 hours so that speaks volumes. It’s one of those books that makes you question what the hell you are actually reading. Do I love it? Do I hate it? Is it brilliant? Is it bad?……

I didn’t don’t intend on writing a review for this but I’ve had a few minutes spare and didn’t want to just bypass it.

If freaky filth floats your metaphorical boat then grab a copy of this even if it’s just for the titilation aspect.

I’d love to know if anyone else has read this. Let me know your thoughts.

See you soon.

Bookish Chat xxx


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