Fear by Dirk Kurbjuweit – A Review

I was sent a proof copy of this book by Orion Publishing and also had a Netgalley arc BUT I will forever be a ‘real book you can hold in your hand’ kinda gal over Kindle reading any day so I read the actual physical proof.

Going into this I had heard very little about it, but what I had heard had been very mixed. I try not to let other people’s views affect my reading and will always give something a go and judge for myself. We can’t all enjoy or dislike the same things can we? Oh no sirree!

I think I pre-judged this book a little. With a title like ‘Fear’ and a blurb like:

Your neighbour is threatening your family. Nobody will help – not even the police. There’s nothing you can do. Is there?…’

I was expecting a fast paced, action packed thriller which this soooo was not. Now I don’t mind a slow burner, a building of tension etc but in this case I think it maybe progressed a little too slowly and with not as much focus on the neighbour causing the issues as I would have liked. But maybe I’m a weirdo? Who knows?…

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. Let’s start at the beginning. So we have a family living in an apartment in Berlin and their downstairs neighbour Dieter Tiberius is effectively ‘stalking’ the family and has developed a fixation on the wife Rebecca. He then goes on to make some shocking accusations against the way the mother and father of the family treat their children.

The narrator is Randolph, the father of the family and we are told the story from his perspective. Not only that, we are given a history of his childhood, growing up in a house with a father who has a fascination with guns.

For me, I didn’t connect with Randolph. He wasn’t a likeable character for me and I’m not saying all characters in books have to be likeable, I’m just pointing out that I found him to be a little too selfish and self involved. So much so that I struggled to have any empathy for his plight which is awful when you consider the things he and his family were experiencing.

I did enjoy the moral dilemma element to this story and quite enjoyed the twist at the end. This was nicely done.

I understand that this is intended to be a slow burner with a building of atmosphere and tension and if you like that kind of thriller as opposed to a fast paced action packed page turner, then this book is most probably for you.

It wasn’t really my bag but I appreciated the opportunity to read it and form my own opinion.

See you soon.

Bookish Chat.


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