Cotton Wool Kids

Loud noises and falling, they’re born with just two.
The natural fears, but what can we do?
Shield their ears and before they can waddle
Pull them in close with a blanket we swaddle

Next comes the dark and the monsters that lurk
The learned  fears are upon us, it’s really hard work
Don’t worry, you’ve an aid to soothe all that guilt
Tuck them up safe in their soft, warm quilt

Bumps and trips and scuffed raw knees
The solution to this is really a breeze
Nothing in this world could ever be solved faster
than with a kiss and a squeeze and a big sticking plaster

The first day at school, now this can be tough
The parenting seas are rarely as rough
They take it all in their stride with the smallest of shrugs
Wrap them tight in your arms for the longest of hugs

Stop, Look, Listen.  It really is easy
Cars racing by, making you queasy
Crossing the road, of fears you are full?
Problem solved, wrap them up in white cotton wool

They fly through the air those insidious germs
Powerless against them, we parents learn
Unless of course, as a mode of combat
We swamp them in a coat, gloves, scarf and a hat

We come unstuck against natural disasters
Famine, Fire, Flood, they’re really the masters
Fear not fellow parents, we really can hack it
What harm in the wearing of a sturdy life jacket?

Worst of all comes the evil of which you’re aware
In crowds, public spaces, in fact everywhere
Nothing protects them from this heinous sin
aside from keeping them safely caged in

But things that are caged live a small sheltered life
Extra layers we provide won’t save them from strife
We need them to be safe, we really do try
But we can’t clip their wings if they just want to fly…

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