Everyday Love

It’s not about perfume, that you never proffer, but more ‘own brand’ shower gel (whatever’s on offer).

That pricey luxury chocolate selection, is more like battered cream cakes from the ‘whoops’ section.

No buying of flowers to make me cry, more likely self raising that we put in fish pie.

I don’t wear La Perla when I greet you at night, its more Marks n Sparks that are chewing gum white.

It’s not vintage wine that gets my cork poppin, I’m just ever so grateful you do the food shopping.

Feeding me grapes and fulfilling my whims? to be honest I’d rather you just take out the bins.

Endless steamy nights? we’ve never been drier….all thanks to your purchase of our dehumidifier*.

Last minute surprises, good food and fine wine? we’re just happy if the kids are asleep by half 9.

It’s not because you’re sent from heaven above, it’s all about acts of everyday love.

*disclaimer – yes we are still sexually active, even after 23 years together.  I thank you……YOU try rhyming something with ‘dehumidifier’

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