Book Review #1

Rebound – Aga Lesiewicz



I really really wanted my first proper book review post to be a positive one. I’m really not a moaning northern bird, honest. 


I’ll level with you…

This review ain’t gonna be great. Sorry. 

I picked this up because I was attracted to the cover and the tag line ‘I’m not a bad person but maybe I did a bad thing’…..dun dun duuuuuunnnn. 

I’m not one to give up on a book if I’m not really enjoying it because in the world of books Mand ain’t a quitter. (I’ll quit a lot of other things like the gym and such like but NOT books). 

However I have to admit I DID consider it about a third of the way into this one when something so ridiculous and out of the ordinary happened so quickly that I thought it was some kind of Dallas style dream sequence. But no it happened. And yes it was daft. 

The general premise of the story revolves around Anna, a highflying business woman/jogger who somehow becomes embroiled in a spate of rapes and murders on ‘the heath’ where she jogs with her dog ‘Wispa’. (Now this just made me crave chocolate so I’m blaming the book for the fact that I got stuck in my vintage dress this week). 

In between lots of drinking Malbec (her not me, although a glass or two may have made reading it more enjoyable) and supping copious coffees from her Nespresso coffee maker or ‘throwing on’ her running gear, she finds the time to have anonymous sex with a stranger on the heath multiple times, facilitate redundancies at work and piss a few people off. 

It also seems like every person who comes within 2 feet of her instantly fancies her, (both men AND women). 

She must be a right bloody stunner this Anna. 

She irritated me. Big time. 


Now I enjoy a good ‘whodunnit?’ style plot but there were far too many possible ‘who’s’ that could have ‘dunnit’ for my liking. 

Far. Too. Many. Crikey it seemed like the milkman could be a suspect….slight exaggeration but you catch my drift. 

The ending had the potential to be the most gripping part. It could have been written very dramatically to draw out suspense but no, like the ridiculousness at the start the ending was over far too quickly and boxed off nice and neatly in about 2 pages. 

She even bagged herself a new man. Of course she did. 

No surprises who the perpetrator was in the end either despite a pond full of red herrings. 

So to sum up I will have to in future go by the old adage of ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. 

I did. 

I was disappointed. 

But maybe you won’t be so don’t let me put you off! Try it. 




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